Perth Holy Spirit of Freedom Community has various worship times that all are welcome to  participate in. These occur at various locations and times. Among these, there are regular times where we gather for Charismatic worship, monthly Mass, adoration and rosary.

In Perth, we actively outreach on the streets every Tuesday and Saturday night. We offer people a cup of tea or coffee and most of all a listening ear and where possible, prayer.  When needed we give blankets, sleeping bags, socks, shoes or jumpers out, depending on their availability and the need.  . Because our focus is on building trusting and loving relationships, we maintain regular phone contact with many. When some of our friends end up in jail, we try to visit them or if they are in hospital, we also try to visit.

In all that we do, our longing is always that somehow we can help others to grow in their experience and knowledge of the Father's personal love for them, as revealed in Jesus.

 All of us involved in these outreaches, unite in prayer first and agree to be guided by a more experienced member.

Some people feel called to actually become part of HSOF Community.

Others remain friends of the Community and are involved whether through prayer or practical involvement depending on their situation!

Some practical needs that often arise are:

- help with mechanical repairs (for those who live in their cars)

- help moving furniture for people who are shifting house

- food for our BBQ's

- help with setting up, serving and cleaning up after our BBQ's

- donations are also always welcome! 

Every two months we have a BBQ at McCallum Park (Garland St Victoria Park – on the foreshore of the river) for our friends from the street. We usually have  between 80- 150 people attend.  These BBQ's also occur on Christmas Day (25th Dec) and Easter Monday. It is especially at times like these that people suffer from loneliness and the pain of broken relationships. Thus we believe it is especially at these times that we need to be "family" for those who need it the most.

Much prayer and help is needed for all these areas!

If you would like to make any enquiries, please email us at: and we will be in touch as soon as we can!