Each community has a number of worship times that are open to all who would like to join us.

These take different formats but the desire in all of this is to worship Jesus. To seek Him first, recognising that without Him we can do nothing. We need His guidance, His anointing and His power at work in us to accomplish all that He desires of us. Most of all, to BE His love in those hearts and lives that have the greatest pain.

We recognise that every time we gather to worship, forces of darkness are overcome and God's Spirit is released into the world... thus all of our prayer is also a form of intercession for the countless lives who are marginalised and feel they have no hope.

Each community has different times of Charismatic worship, many of which are open to all those who would like to join us. Mass, Eucharistic Adoration and the Rosary as well as the Divine Mercy Chaplet are also part of the spiritual life that we encourage.



Each community has members and volunteers that go out onto the streets. All outreach always begins with prayer! Thus we seek the Holy Spirit's guidance and anointing to lead us as we go out. We drink deeply of His "life-giving water" so that then we are able to quench the thirst of those we meet. Our expectation is that He will lead us to those most in need. We look forward to opportunities to pray with people so that they too are able to experience the Father's love and His healing power.

In Australia, we usually take out tea and coffee as well as some biscuits. This is more of an "excuse" for us to spend time talking with people rather than an alternative food service. There are many brilliant organisations that provide food for people. In winter, as much as possible, we take out blankets, sleeping bags, jumpers etc. Many of those who suffer mental illness or struggle with drug addiction, often loose or have all their belongings stolen and can be wandering around in the middle of winter with no warm clothes or at times, not even shoes!

As we gain trust and relationship with people, we try to maintain contact with them and meet their needs whether for help with crisis accommodation, connection with rehabilitation centres and/or visits while in hospital or jail. In our attempt to become "family" for those who need it, we try to be whatever support we can be, all the while attempting to demonstrate a love that is real, powerful and practical and whose source is our heavenly Father, who unites us all as His children.

We go out on the streets to express and demonstrate the mercy, compassion, love and power of our Father for those who usually don't know it; to express the unfathomable kindness of the Father 's Heart.

We recognise that we were created for intimacy with God , our Father and that our primary identity is that we are His children. This good news brings so much freedom and joy that we desire to help everyone discover this truth about themselves so that they too can be set free from the lies and manipulation of this transient world and its values... a world which we recognise is not our true and lasting home.

When someone knows that God Himself is truly their Father and that they are a "co-heir with Christ"... there is no more room for fear and anxiety in the heart but rather peace and joy that are born of the fresh 'deposit' of His powerful Holy Spirit that is freely given to all those who desire to receive.

Our desire is to see the Good News of Jesus Christ and ALL that He accomplished through His cross and resurrection, spread and manifested especially among those whose lives are in greatest pain and despair... whose circumstances appear to be hopeless.

Mother Teresa once wisely compared the difference between " speaking much about the poor", versus "people speaking with the poor".  In our Western culture, one of the most precious things we can give people is our time. We live in a "time-starved" world. It is especially challenging to give our time, when it might not appear to be appreciated or bear immediate "fruit". This is where we need to connect with the Kingdom of God and see through His eyes to discover what a privilege we are being offered to go and befriend those who this superficial world does not value or recognise as a treasure. The paradox is that as we give through responding in love, we truly do receive! Again, as Mother Teresa once wisely said "we need the poor more than they need us".



Our Community in Australia reaches out in practical ways to ease the suffering in the Philippines as the poverty is so immense.  


In Melbourne, under the umbrella of our Community, they are reaching out by sending over boxes each week, supporting street children to be able to attend school, sending financial assistance for various expenses. See the Melbourne Community section for more information on this outreach.


Our Community in the West also sends boxes and sponsors various individuals and families on a regular basis.  We also support the work of the Community in Cebu to enable them to keep operating.



Each Community is unique and has its own personal way of demonstrating the love of our Father as lead by the Holy Spirit. The needs of those in the Philippines are very different to those in Australia and so outreaches also differ accordingly. (Please look up the individual communities to find out more.)

There are many dreams that we carry in our hearts to be able to do far more in the future. For these we continue to trust Jesus, the Good Shepherd who guides us along the paths we are to follow. Various expressions of love continue to develop as needs arise and Holy Spirit reveals more to us.

"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen."

Eph 3: 20-21)