Reflection from the heart


A reflection from the hidden “places” of the heart...


HSOF is a journey of the heart more than the head. It is a journey of encounter with God’s Kingdom as revealed amongst the “least of these”… It is a journey of discovery as we learn about God’s upside down Kingdom, where the last are first and the first are last. A journey into new levels of encounter with Jesus, sometimes crucified and sometimes resurrected. A journey where our hearts become wounded and at times crushed, where we are forced to expand our capacity for radical love and relentless forgiveness.

There are few structures or rules behind which to hide and feel protected. Rather we follow our Master into the pain of the world; our Master who continues to beckon us to “come and see”! We sense His stirring deep in our hearts to “put out into the deep” and we take risks in loving those who often do not, at first, love us back. The possibility of failure is a constant companion that forces us to grow in humility as we face the truth we all bring our giftedness and our brokenness.

In the midst of this is a journey where we slowly discover that we actually need one another in order to succeed in being the family of love in which those who are most in pain, can find a safe “place” to make their journey towards healing and above all else, their journey to discover their God. The biggest surprise and challenge occurs as we discover that the ones that society so easily labels as of little value, are actually the ones that will help us journey to freedom and wholeness.

His call to “give up all and come follow Me” continues to echo in our hearts and while each of our individual responses are disguised by various more superficial realities, our personal response continues to grow beyond the prison of fear and self-preservation, into the freedom to love and be loved; the freedom that He died to give us!

Rather than relying and holding on to structures that give us a false sense of security and progress, we continue to seek to connect, through deep worship, with our creative God who is endlessly desiring to reveal to us new ways of “being” and “doing” Divine  love in the pain of our world.

Our hearts become filled with worship for One who created our inner beings to reflect Him in the realms of this present age. It is from the desire for this ever growing position of intimacy that we are empowered to go forth and destroy the works of darkness through selfless love, self-sacrifice, courage, faith, never diminishing hope and most importantly, profound humility. We frequently “return” to deep worship knowing that it is there that we drink from the “Living Waters” that never run dry and that continue to quench our thirst and that of the world’s. It is in that “place” of wholehearted and surrendered worship that we are empowered by His living Spirit to go forth and fulfil the mission that is still Jesus’ mission but now lived out through us, His children, to:

“…preach good news to the poor…. proclaim freedom to the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour.” (Lk 4: 18-19)