Help us in our mission to spread love throughout the world

One of our CORE VALUES is that we totally depend on Jesus for everything we are and do. This also includes our finances. We believe that God has promised us that He will give us what we need to fulfill His Will in this call as we continue to wholeheartedly seek Him first and lay down our lives in service of others... especially those on the streets.

It is important to note that no one in HSOF is paid for their work in the Community.  While originally, many of us responded to this call by literally giving up all to follow Jesus, most now have outside part-time or full time employment. The heart of the call remains that we are called to work for love and not for money trusting that God will look after our personal needs. How this is lived out in each personal life is between them and God!

If you are feeling drawn to give to this call, one way is financially, and we do need it!

You can choose between 2 accounts which cover 2 different areas of our Community life. If you'd like to, you can specify which particular location you'd like the money to go to.

One is the HSOF MINISTRY ACCOUNT. All finances in this account are used for expenses directly related to serving  and supporting our friends from the streets.

HSOF Ministry Account:

BSB 06 6153
Account No 1032 4888

Secondly, there is the HSOF COMMUNITY ACCOUNT. This pays for costs related to various aspects of our Community Life, venues that we use and the more administrative expenses that come up etc

Holy Spirit of Freedom Community:

BSB 306 032
Account No 0143 172